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X-Heat's Nano-Heat: Revolutionising Commercial Space Heating with Innovation and Local Manufacturing

X-Heat Ltd, a trailblazer in the heating industry, has reached a significant...


Unveiling the UK Heating Industry: Policy Changes, Net Zero Clusters, and the Hydrogen Debate

Navigating the Landscape of Opportunities and Challenges for SMEs and Homeowners


Unveiling the Secrets: The Key Ingredients to Become an Innovator in the Heating Industry

Innovation: the driving force behind progress, challenging norms, and paving the way...


Transforming the Heating Landscape for a Sustainable Future

Catalytic Combustion: A Cost-Effective Pathway to Net Zero in the Commercial Heating...


Tracing the Journey of the UK Gas Network from 1930 to Present Day

From Pioneering Beginnings to Modern Infrastructure: The Evolution of the UK Gas...


Pioneering Technology Sets the Stage for a Sustainable Heating Future

At the heart of X-Heat's mission is the development of cutting-edge products...

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