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Reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint with Nano-Heat, the infrared commercial gas space heater. With up to 50% savings on energy costs and 80% less greenhouse emissions, Nano-Heat is the perfect solution for businesses looking to save money and contribute to a more sustainable future. Plus, government funding is available to help with the purchase. Upgrade to Nano-Heat today!

Welcome to our world of highly efficient space heating systems! For over a decade, we have been dedicated to developing innovative solutions using the power of infrared catalytic technology. Our passion for creating energy-efficient and cost-effective heating solutions has led us to design products that are not only eco-friendly but also deliver unparalleled performance. Browse our range of products and experience the comfort and warmth that our infrared technology brings.

Product is manufactured in the UK.



Nano-Heat provides an alternative solution that can replace your existing hot air , radiant or HVAC heating system and be customised to your building and personnel requirements.
With the option to be able to operate on the three most common fuels natural gas , LPG and hydrogen we have a system which is versatile and adaptable to the most rural areas.
Nano-Heat can operate at a higher efficiency achieving incredible energy savings whilst eliminating all carbon emissions.

How it works?

1. Fuel enters into a rigid gas tight stainless steel pan.

2. Gas is dispersed through a series of holes.

3. The fuel then passes through a pad of insulation material which helps with reducing heat transfer secondly it aids the dispersion of gas by providing resistance.

4. Gas now comes into contact with the catalytic pad which has been pre heated to the desired temperature to begin the reaction.

5. Oxidation then occurs when fuel and oxygen meet within the catalyst to emit infrared energy.

6. A stainless steel scrim is placed on top of the catalyst to protect it from impacts.

Check out the Technical Data sheet below:

All Features

  • Zero formation of CO emissions
  • Zero formation of NOx emissions
  • 50% reduction on operating costs
  • Innovative green technology
  • 2 year warranty


Q. What are the maximum temperatures on the surface of the Nano-Heater?

Nano-Heat operates at a much lower temperature than existing combustion technology producing a safe low intensity heat.

Q. What is the density of energy emitted by a Nano-Heater?

Nano-Heat emits 70-200w/m2

Q. What is the wave length of a Nano-Heater?

Nano-Heat emits medium to long wavelength infrared energy in a range from 3µm - 10µm, continuously by simply acting on gas pressure.

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Funding Available

For the technology we provide, funding is available please just contact us to find out more and we can get the process started.

Who we've worked with

“I would highly recommend X-Heat with their infrared heaters. This technology is a win-win for a business like us because not only are we saving a cost on energy bills but it’s helping us be more green.”

Will Manners, Director of A-Tech Fabrications

“X-Heat have collaborated with us and partnered with us to make sure we picked the right heating system for the right process at the right time. The level of support, innovation and general expertise that we’ve had from them has been absolutely invaluable. Because of the flexibility and the support we’ve got from X-Heat, we can’t recommend them highly enough. Absolutely tremendous."

Bob James, Technical Collaboration Lead, MBI

"We have no regrets! I didn't even need training. Definitely worth the investment. I've now made back the money spent on energy running the old heaters!"

Horatio Z

“I would strongly recommend X-Heat’s units and services to anyone else, it’s been a huge advantage and actually saved money as well, so that’s a bonus.”

Barry Dunn, Project Manager, Yaskawa UK