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Products by X-HEAT

Future-Proof Your Heating: Stay ahead of the curve with X-Heat's future-ready products.

As the heating industry evolves, X-Heat is primed to seamlessly adapt to emerging technologies, including the potential transition to hydrogen networks.

With over a decade of experience developing catalytic solutions we offer a simplistic approach for you to understand how catalytic technology will benefit your company.

Radiant heater
Catalytic infrared heater that provides low intensity heat, reducing energy costs by 50%

Nano-Heat ®

Introducing Nano-Heat, the infrared space heater that delivers exceptional heating performance while reducing carbon emissions by up to 80%. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures that our heaters operate on multiple fuels, making it a versatile solution for any commercial space. And, coming soon, we will have a fully 100% hydrogen ready model that can be operated on either natural gas or hydrogen gas with no mechanical intervention required. With H20 as the only bi-product, you can enjoy a sustainable heating solution without compromising on performance. Experience the ultimate comfort and warmth with Nano-Heat - the perfect heating solution for your commercial space.


  • Zero formation of CO emissions
  • Zero formation of NOx emissions
  • 50% reduction on operating costs
  • Innovative green technology
  • 2 year warranty

*Government grants are available for this product.


Outdoor Leisure Heating

PICO Heat is a game-changing outdoor leisure heater that boasts a number of key benefits. Powered by state-of-the-art catalytic technology and featuring a patented design, PICO Heat offers unparalleled thermal comfort for outdoor activities. What's more, PICO Heat is completely eco-friendly, with the total elimination of greenhouse emissions making it an ideal choice for environmentally-conscious consumers. In addition to its environmental benefits, PICO Heat also offers significant cost savings, with an 80% reduction in fuel costs compared to traditional outdoor heating methods. Overall, PICO Heat provides a unique and innovative solution for anyone who wants to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort and style, while also being mindful of their impact on the environment and their wallet.


  • Zero formation of CO emissions
  • Zero formation of NOx emissions
  • 80% reduction in operating costs
  • Innovative green technology

Coming soon!

*Government grants are available for this product.

Who we've worked with

“I would highly recommend X-Heat with their infrared heaters. This technology is a win-win for a business like us because not only are we saving a cost on energy bills but it’s helping us be more green.”

Will Manners, Director of A-Tech Fabrications

“X-Heat have collaborated with us and partnered with us to make sure we picked the right heating system for the right process at the right time. The level of support, innovation and general expertise that we’ve had from them has been absolutely invaluable. Because of the flexibility and the support we’ve got from X-Heat, we can’t recommend them highly enough. Absolutely tremendous."

Bob James, Technical Collaboration Lead, MBI

"We have no regrets! I didn't even need training. Definitely worth the investment. I've now made back the money spent on energy running the old heaters!"

Horatio Z

“I would strongly recommend X-Heat’s units and services to anyone else, it’s been a huge advantage and actually saved money as well, so that’s a bonus.”

Barry Dunn, Project Manager, Yaskawa UK